Let There Be Cat! Devlog#3: Human logic, UI, Game Over

So today I’ve made tons of progress for the game.

First of all, I’ve finished the human(enemy) logic. It will run towards the cat if it’s within range, and stop if the cat ran out of range. If the human get close enough to the cat, the human will attempt to catch the cat after a short delay. If the cat is in the catch range (both horizontally and vertically), the game will end. The can can counter this by run away from the human during the delay, or run behind the human, as seen in the video.

Next, I’ve implemented the main menu. The main menu also serves the purpose as tutorial/instruction. I’ve added a few vases for players to try and break them.

I’ve also added the pause menu/game end menu to the game, however it’s not so polished yet, I’ll deal with it later.

The next step will be making a level generator, spawns enemies and props.

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