Let There Be Cat! Devlog#4: Wrapping up and submit the game

So in the last two days I’ve been working on this game a lot and didn’t have the time to do small separated devlogs. This devlog will be covering all the stuffs I’ve done in last two day, which is a lot, so I won’t be going into details (another reason is that it’s 3am now and I really want to sleep).

So first of all, I’ve implemented the level and human spawner. It will spawn levels and human ahead of the player, and despawn those that are too far away. This makes the game endless. Next, I’ve added a few more harder human, including one with a net gun. As the score goes up, higher level human will be more likely to be spawned.

Next, I’ve added music and sfx. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to learn how to make one myself, but hopefully I can do that in the next game jam. The music and sfx I used are from here and freesound.org.

I’ve also added cutscene, which will be shown when the difficulty increases.

To avoid the music and cutscene to be too annoying for the player, a settings scene was added, so the player can decrease the volume and disable cutscene.

The most interesting among the new props added in these two day is the Banana. It works like the fallable props, but when it’s on the ground, it makes any human that collide with it slips and fall to the ground.

Lastly, I spent some time making the gameplay video, the cover photo and the background image for the itch.io page. And finally I submitted my entry for the first game jam I’ve ever joined.

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