Into Jupiter

​Dive deeper into Jupiter, for the sake of humanity.

Submission for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2

Office Boy VR

This is a Third Person VR game where you control the office boy’s leg with your hand movements.

Navigate around the office, pickup the goods (coffee? prints? who knows) and deliver it to your colleagues and boss!

Submission for VR Jam 2023

Ranked #21 Overall

Grab N’ Dash

​Use the claws to grab packages, and deliver them to their associated destination, while dodging obstacles along the journey.

Entry for Ludum Dare 53

Ranked #516 Overall

Ruins on Cloud

​You build a civilization on top of the ruins of the previous civilization. When your civilization dies out, it becomes the ruins for the next game.

Entry for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.1

Ranked #527 Overall


Game in the making. Burnt out, development paused.

A VR tower defense game.

Dungeon and Diapers VR

​You play as a baby sitter, but for skeletons in the dungeon.

Entry for VR Jam 2022

Ranked #60 Overall

Dice Warrior

​You play as a dice, and move around by rolling.

Entry for GMTK Game Jam 2022.

Ranked #1344 Overall

Keybored Operator

​Hired by a big budget company, what can go wrong?

Second entry for Lost Relic Game Jam 2022.

Ranked #41 Overall


​A game where you’re always connected to a node, and fight to connect more.

First entry for Lost Relic Game Jam 2022.

Ranked #53 Overall

Cheating Simulator: Unstable Relationships

Date as much people without getting caught cheating!

Entry for Ludum Dare 49.

Update: Ranked 310th Overall


Game in making. Beta stage now! Development paused.

A VR game where you throw stuffs at people and they die.



Let There Be Cat!

Play as a cat, run around, break stuffs, sabotage human, generate chaos, and try not to get caught!

My entry for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2, with the theme “Let there be chaos”

Update: Ranked 1st in the Game Jam