Let There Be Cat! Devlog#5: Addressing feedbacks

So after submitting the game and had the game played by a few other game devs, I received some feedback, which I’ll address in this devlog.

The first thing I need to update is be the controls, apparently using F to interact is a bit awkward, as it clashes with the movement controls (ASDF), so I made added mouse click as an alternative interact control. I’ve also added X as an alternative to B as the gamepad interact control, as requested in one of the comments.

Also, from the feedbacks, it seems that a lot of people are being one-shoted by the net gun, so I’ve implemented a life system. The player will have 3 lives to spare, and whenever the cat is “damaged” by humans, the cat will have a 1 second invincibility.

Lastly, I’ve added a dog as a partner of crime. If the player interacts with a dog bowl, a dog will appear and knock all humans over. Personally I think this is pretty cute and funny.

I’ll upload the new build when the game jam is over and the upload is unlocked.

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