Let There Be Cat! Devlog#2: Human and more props

This two days I’ve been spending a lot of my free time in getting familiar with pixel art and finally I can create some ok-ish pixel art. I’ve remade the existing sprites and animations, and also added coffee mug, computer, pen holder, curtain, window and human, as well as their animation to the game.

As seen, the human has Idle, and walk animation, it will now pursue the can if it’s within range. I’ve also made grabbing animation for the human for different heights, but haven’t had the chance to implement the logic yet.

The next step would be implementing the grabbing logic (game over), scoring system and a way to fight human. For the latter, I have three ideas currently:

  1. Hide in curtain/under the sofa(not in game yet)/other furniture to avoid human
  2. Put banana skin on the floor to make human slip
  3. Call in a dog as a partner in crime to chase away human

I’ll take some time to think which one(or more than one) to implement.

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