ShurikenVR Devlog#12: Overall polishing and Pre-alpha Gameplay

In the past few days I’ve made a lot of progress to the game.

First of all, sound design, I’ve added BGM to the game. Every scene has a different BGM. I’ve also added more SFX like grunt and footsteps. The latter is quite important for the game, as it’s very often that an enemy sneak up to the player from behind. A very crude settings UI have been added to the main menu scene as well.

I’ve also setup animation rigging to the player and the enemy. So the enemy will try to face towards the player regardless of the direction of movement, this should make the game seems more interactive. A ninja mesh has been added to the player too, so now the player will be able to see their own hand. There’s also some UI on the hand, to indicate the life and the teleportation charge remaining.

Other than that, I’ve also updated the spawner to spawn from a several selected location (randomly), instead of a fixed location.

At this point, I think the game is somewhat playable. I try to embed the video of the gameplay in this post, but apparently you can’t do that with a video with non-conventional resolution.

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