ShurikenVR Devlog#16: New weapons

In the new update v0.4, I’ve added two new weapons to the game.

  • Bounce: The projectile will bounce to nearby enemies several times.
  • Pierce: The projectile will deal huge damage to the first target hit, and minor damage to enemies behind it.

I’ve also spent hours to get the input from the oculus left menu button, but unfortunately it resulted without any success. So the game is still using the left secondary button (Y) to pause and open the menu. Texts have been added to various places in the game to indicate this.

Besides that, damage number UI is added to the game as well. This feature was meant to debug the new weapons but I think they’re quite a improvement in QOL so it’s left in the game.

Some balancing was done to make the gameplay harder and shorter. I found that 10 lives and 15 seconds teleportation recharge time makes the game too easy and unnecessary long, so they are now changed to 5 and 30 seconds respectively. This should make each run more challenging and shorter.

Lastly, I’m getting a bit burnt out in making this game, and it seems that it’s in a good shape currently. So I decided to take a break from it and move on to another project, I’ll come back to it, maybe.

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