ShurikenVR Devlog#14: Alpha build released!

So I’ve done quite a lot since last devlog, but I didn’t have the time to properly write a devlog, due to my day job and also LD49 game jam (check out the devlog for it).

So first of all, I’ve added score system, which I think is essential (not sure why I left the task hanging until now). The score will be shown below the health UI on the back of the hand.

I’ve also polished the UI quite a bit, using some free UI assets from the asset store.

I’ve also added a new enemy type, a ninja but with longer range and attack speed. This is to counter players that run in a circle to kite the enemies.

There’s also a wave system now, so the enemies will spawn in wave, and the next wave comes in once the player eliminates all the existing enemies. The next wave will be stronger than the previous one, so eventually the game will be over and there will be a highscore.

I think at this point this game is probably in an alpha stage. Once I’ve implemented the tutorial system and maybe added one or two level it should be in beta stage (or even done, if I wanted to move on to the next game at that point).

And finally, I’ve published the alpha build on and SideQuestVR. The pages are not properly set up yet, but I’ll work on that later.

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