ShurikenVR Devlog#9: Polishing throw mechanic, Sound and Haptics.

In the past few days I’ve been working on polishing the throw mechanic. Here some modification I’ve made to it:

  1. To summon the shuriken into the hand, hold grip button.
  2. After a short delay, the shuriken is fully summoned. The aim laser will appear and player can now aim at the target.
  3. To lock the target, hold the trigger button. The shuriken will start spinning in the hand.
  4. While both the grip and trigger button is being held down, swing the hand to throw/shoot the shuriken at the target.

I’ve also added SFX to the game, so there will be audio for shuriken summoning, spinning, throw, and hit.

Next, I added haptics to the game. Haptics is very important to a VR game, and it’s more immersive with it. Obviously there’s no way I can show the haptic in the video, so I’ve made a simple timeline to show how the haptic is implemented. As seen below, the grey part will be the haptics, the higher it is the higher the amplitude.

When the shuriken is being summoned, there will be a subtle, constant vibration on the controller. When the summon is completed, there will be a short and strong vibration to indicate that.

When the shuriken is spinning in the hand, a series of pulse vibration is applied to the controller.

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