ShurikenVR Devlog#8: Let’s talk about Scope Creep

I’m demotivated.

ShurikenVR wasn’t meant to be a complex game where I spend months on it. In the beginning, I had a lot other cool VR game idea (like TDTD and Haki), with fancy mechanic or interesting gameplay I’m really excited to implement. However, I know that I’m still inexperience and very new to game development at that time, it would be very hard for me to make those game idea a reality, and actually finish them. So I’ll need some practice, a short and easy game for me to learn and improve on game making. This is where the idea of ShurikenVR came to mind, a game where you throw stuffs at people and people die. Easy enough, right?

And then this happened: Scope Creep. To make it short, scope creep is basically the goal (AKA the scope) of the game elevated during the time of development. As I was working on this game, I invested a lot of my free time and energy to making it. The investment is what causes the scope creep, as I put time and effort into it, I’m invested in the game, and I want it to be better, so my investment are worth it.

As the game is progressing towards completion, it’s also straying away from completion. During the development, I added so many other goals on top of the “Simple easy game” goal that was in the beginning. I wanted to implement more weapons, better graphics, better game mechanics, alternative throwing methods, bosses, more levels, etc. I just keep adding goals on top of goals, eventually to a point I can’t see the end of the track in my sight anymore.

While making this game, my other cool idea just keep showing up in my mind, and make me want to finish this game right now and start working on those idea. I have less and less motivation for ShurikenVR and I fear that I won’t be able to finish it.

Perfection is the enemy of good. Someone from a game dev channel said that (can’t remember who). So here’s what I’ll have to do: Cutting corners. I’ll put those extra weapons, extra levels and boss aside, and focus on finishing it. I’m just going to implement the rest of the essentials: Sound, haptics, game mechanic, combat system, and polishing the main menu. Once these are done, I’ll take a break from it and publish it. Maybe one day I’ll come back to add those extra stuffs, who knows.

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