ShurikenVR Devlog#0: Initial Idea

The inspiration came from the bad throwing accuracy in VR games. The bad accuracy is due to tracking error, grip release timing, object rotations, hand friction and more. The main concept for this game is “aiming before throwing” to make the throwing accurate.

The aiming is done by having two laser pointer shooting out from each hand, one from the palm and the other from the back of the hand. The laser from the palm is for forehand throw and the laser from the back on the hand is for backhand throw. The laser that is facing the same direction as the camera will be active and the other one will be hidden.

After lining up the laser the the target, the player will need to hold the grip button to lock the aim, this will also spawn a projectile in the player’s hand. Swinging the hand quickly, like a throw motion, throws the projectile out. The projectile will follow the direction of the locked aim.

Other than the mechanic, I haven’t have much thought of the rest — game mode. My initial thought is to make it as a arcade-y type game, where you face endless waves of enemies spawning in, similar to Space Pirate Trainer.

Some thought on the projectile:

  • Shuriken, the most basic projectile. Should do moderate damage to single enemy.
    • Upgrade: bounce to nearby enemy
  • Kunai, another basic ammunition. Should do low piercing damage.
    • Upgrade: split shot, maybe throwing 3 in a slightly different angle
  • Hadoken/Kakyu. Fireball, small moving projectile that explodes on impact.
  • Kusari fundo. Chain with weights on both sides, shackles enemy in place.
  • Smoke bomb. Distracts enemy
    • Upgrade to poisoned smoke
  • Katana. The only melee weapon

The thumbstick will be use to select the weapon.

Locomotion will be done by using a projectile too, just like In-Death. Like 飞雷神 in Naruto. Might even make it upgradable, to have smoke bomb exploded in original position.

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