CTD Devlog#0: Initial Idea

I wanted to use the name PlanetTD, which is much more catchy. But there’s a game with this name exists so I’ll go with CelestialTD.

Basically, this will be a tower defense game, where player builds tower on the sphere/planet. Might be a bit ambitious, but I wanted it to have an VR option. Imagine, placing buildings in a small planet floating in front of you. I’ve already done some research on this: Setting up a game with optional VR

I’m not sure if I want to make make it free-building or slotted (can only build on tiles). For the latter, a hexasphere or Goldberg polyhedron should suits the game (similar to Before We Leave). But it’s a lot of maths, like a tons of it (example: GitHub – arscan/hexasphere.js: 🌐Generate a sphere covered (mostly) in hexagons.).

Of course the game won’t be interesting if the enemies is spawning and marching in from everywhere, it’ll be very hard to defend all directions, in a 3d space. The main mechanic here lies in the main base. The main base will use some sort of made-up spacetime augmentation technology to force enemies to go around the planet, where the last waypoint will be the main base itself (basically a big ass shield covering the whole planet, but with a hole on top of the main base). There’s also two upgrade path I think the game should have, the first one will be the space-time anchor, which blocks enemies from spawning(warping) in from on top of the main base. The second one will be making the forced path more complex.

Nothing interesting in terms of tower, for now I’ll use the generic ones.

  • Gatling gun turret – basic
    • Upgrade: Rapid fire
    • Upgrade: Railgun (sniper like, high damage low firing rate)
  • Laser
    • Focused beam: damage increases overtime on an enemy
    • Pulse laser: burst, overheats after a period of time
  • Missile
  • Electric/arc (chain lightning)
  • Gravity wave generator – pushes enemy back / slow
  • Maybe also some mobile troops

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