ShurikenVR Devlog#6: Validating throwing mechanic

The inspiration came from the bad throwing accuracy in VR games. The bad accuracy is due to tracking error, grip release timing, object rotations, hand friction and more. The main concept for this game is “aiming before throwing” to make the throwing accurate.

ShurikenVR Devlog#0

I wanted to validate if my initial idea is actually true, it’s better to do this now than doing it at later stage of development. Besides that, even if the “aiming before throwing” concept doesn’t really work, I think the game itself can be a fun arcade game without this mechanic. So I’m going to test if throwing an object “natively” using grabbing and releasing the grip (provided by XR Interaction Toolkit) has any accuracy disadvantage compare to the aiming mechanic I have now. I’ll be testing it in both standalone app and through AirLink on the Quest 2. If the native throwing works well in standalone app but not in the AirLink, I’ll change the main mechanic to the native throwing, but also saving the aiming mechanic as a backup for bad tracking / high-latency mode.

The 1m^2 target is placed 15m away from me, I’ll be throwing towards it for 20 times for each mechanic. Obviously this tests is quite flawed, the result is greatly affected by my skills, but this can still give me some insights.

In the native throwing test, my accuracy is about 5/20, it’s much lower compared to the aimed mechanic with 19/20.

In the AirLink, the accuracy was a bit lower, 3/20 for the native throwing and 18/20 for the aimed mechanic.

As seen the aimed throwing is far superior (more accurate and faster) to the native throwing, and I’m glad that all the work I went through to get it working isn’t wasted.

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