ShurikenVR Devlog#4: Main Menu, Pausing, Resuming and Levels

So the game is now somewhat playable (shooting and moving). Although I still need to implement enemy attack (currently only animation, no actual impact), in the past few days I sidetracked and have been working on making a main menu, pausing, scene-navigating and building some levels.

One annoying thing is that on SteamVR, the left menu button brings up the steam overlay menu, but on Oculus it’s suppose to bring up the contextual menu of the game. This means that I need to spare a button for the menu for SteamVR, but then I’ll be missing one button for my gameplay inputs. I’ll need to take some time to think this out at some point in the future.

Back to making the levels, these are the levels I have in mind:

  • Training Dojo/Tutorial
  • Sakura Shrine
  • Zen Garden
  • Snow Temple
  • Night Castle
  • Village Market

Currently I have the Training Dojo scene basically setup with environment and props. Besides that, I implemented a really basic main menu and pause menu. They don’t look pretty right now but I’ll beautify it later, probably after a sales on unity asset store for those UI assets.

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