Let there be cat! 2.0 Devlog#1: Game rework

It’s been more than a year since I last worked on this game, and finally I decided to update it again. There’s a lot things I wanted to do, but in short, they can be summarized into three points:

  • Visual update: Add new environment and props to flesh out the levels, while rework the sprite and animation of some existing objects.
  • Gameplay mechanics: Currently the players can just keep moving in one direction in the endless level, and will never get caught. Some rework to the gameplay is needed, I’m thinking to design some contained levels. Enemy rework: The melee enemy are too easy to deal with, while the ranged enemy is too hard to counter.
  • Platform migration: Gonna try to create a mobile version of the game and publish on Playstore.

Work done so far:

I’ve created some tile based sprites for the background, wall, flooring and ceiling. Some new props and environment are added to the game as well. The new sprites are made using Aseprite which I recently bought during the sales.

I’ve also implemented jump down action, and also animation for dropping from higher platforms.

Previously, the collider of the cat is disabled when jumping, which allows it to pass through walls. That is one of the reason the level was designed to be endless at that time. In order for the contained levels to work, I’ll need to prevent that from happening. An extra collider was added to the cat object, and is set to a layer which will only collide with walls, this is done by toggling the Physics2D matrix.

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